Friday, May 8, 2020


Like a dog to a whistle, I alert to sirens. I think I inherited that from my grandmother and my mom. We are drama chasers and perhaps, wannabe savers of the world. Lately, I hear them a lot and so I'd run to the porch, maybe with some binoculars, wanting so badly to be a part of the emergency. Once I took a soccer carpool on a misadventure like this and we got stuck watching a house burn down.
I know now why I hear them so often: birthday party.

At some point, my neighbors house will be burning and I'll hear the sirens. I'll sip my ice coffee and apathetically whisper, "Happy Birthday...."

When I first wore a mask, I kept my eyes down. I felt awkward and embarrassed. Now, I'm thrilled if someone recognizes me by my eyes! I'm happy to socially distant chit chat with a fucking mask on my face. Someday someone will rob a bank and we all salute him or her for being so kind.

Forget handshakes. I never liked 'em much anyway because it felt so much like a test of masculinity.
I'm not great at the social kiss kiss, but I love the meaningful hug. I hate the air hugs.

But here we are.

I miss not talking about grocery shopping. It's weird that we talk about it as much as we do and compare notes on "what we found." As if we were hunting for truffles.

Soon we will measure our moods by news or phases or tests.

Masks hanging from rear view mirrors will also be something we won't blink at.
Peeing outside will become more acceptable.
BYOB is now socially responsible.
You'll never have to clean your house for guests ever again!

We are all pioneers in a very insecure new world.
Come with me, pioneer!
I'll elbow bump you...


Nashsmom said...

But here we are. I say that every single day.
Looking forward to a social distance, masked face, elbow bump. I hear they are making masks with straw holes in them. Someone was thinking of us!